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About HawkClear Technologies Limited

To deliver a complete customer solution by bringing together an experienced team to ensure that all technological processes will fit our customers needs.


Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching - This is simply our code of conduct


We have cutting edge knowledge of technological changes and their business implications.

Hawks are a group of birds of prey, with sharp vision and high intelligent levels. They haunt by pouncing suddenly on prey and immediately ascending into the skies with it, thus clearing the ground. And just like hawks, we at HawkClear Technologies haunt for existing problems within your organization and completely clear them by providing modern and advanced technological solutions to them. We are a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals with vast knowledge in the field of technology and designs. With our skills and knowledge, we try to look at existing problems with a different perspective, develop a technological solution and implement a fix. In other words we are problem solvers.

As problem solvers, HawkClear Technologies provide cutting edge, cloud based technological solutions in your business, to help you achieve your desired goals more efficiently. The hawks are above the cloud and ready to pounce!!

To be recognized as a leader in quality, value and as a critical component of corporate strategy in technology solutions.


We are a Provider, a Helper and a Partner you can depend on at all times


Our effort is NOT to help you catch up with technology, we strive to keep you AHEAD for others to follow YOU

What Client’s Say About Us

Our customers are at the center of what we do. We anticipate, respond to and meet our customers’ and consumers’ expectations by providing the best value, quality, and most innovative IT solutions.

Thank you, for your outstanding support! you are one of the few companies who are always there when you need them and you are just as eager to help now as when we first met while working with us. you are just amazing!

Ramon .G. Karanja (Managing Director)

Hawkclear Technoogies is the best company that I have experienced for customer & technical support. Over the past years. I am instantly connected with a knowledgeable technician who is genuinely willing to work out any licensing problem.

Lilian .M. Nzisa (Director)

You have provided the best tech support I have ever experienced from a software vendor.You and your entire crew have always been extremely helpful when we’ve needed it, and we will not hesitate to ask when we need it next.

Chris .N. Murugi (CEO)

I wish all companies had people like you and everyone else that works for Qcite Technologies. There’s no one on the planet that provides better, friendlier, or more expert service. You’re one of the companies that we appreciate

Michael .K. Gitau (CEO)